Do’s and Don’t while visiting Thailand

My friends Kristen and Allison recently came to visit and have come up with some tips and tricks you should know while visiting Thailand, especially with me. Some helpful…some anecdotal…Enjoy!

    1. You think you know heat, you don’t. No need to ever shower.

    2. Do not over estimate what you can handle on the 1-10 Thai Spicy scale

    3. Asking for an extra cot may mean bed to many of you, but if you ask for one in Thailand you will get a crib.

    4. When riding a rowdy elephant don’t assume that he remembers you are on his back and knows he will not fit under a pavilion with you on him. If this does happen, it is great opportunity to practice your limbo skills, but your hat may not make it.

    5. Baby elephants are attracted to printed pants, and they will try to eat them. And you. Additionally, baby elephants also like to cuddle and will try to sit on your lap. They are not light animals.

    6. Tuc-Tuc drivers seem friendly and offer a cheap ride, but make sure that your destination is not an hour long joy-ride for them. Do not give them free rain to choose your destination.

    7. Know that Alicia’s beloved Hong Thong sounds better the night before than it does the day after on the back of a boat that smells like diesel fuel.

    8. If you find yourself dancing in the 100 degree weather, next to fire dancers double dutching flamed ropes, dunking your head in the ocean provides a quick cool off.

    9. Going along with number 6, even if your Chang beer is free it’s also a better idea the night before. And definitely don’t mix the two.

    10. BYOT (toliet paper). Always!

    11. If you order non-thai food, be prepared to wait… awhile.

    a. Also don’t expect to all eat at the same time, meals come out at their leisure.

    12. Overnight trains (and most transportation) also arrives/depart at their own leisure.

    13. On Mondays, we wear yellow. On Tuesdays, we wear purple. On Wednesdays– HAWAIIAN! (shout out to pierce/ryan–loved this).

    14. Save your most luxurious night for the last night, you won’t regret it!

    15. 7-11 are life savers (and air conditioned).

    16. There are SO MANY Buddhas and Temples.

    17. The sun is always lot stronger than you think.

    18. Goodbyes still stink in Thailand.

In conclusion: All you really need to survive in Thailand is a ham and cheese toasty from Seven Eleven. America get on Thailand’s level!

Kristen and Allison are two twenty something girls working in Boston and New York, respectively. They have great sense of style and love to travel. They put up with me for four years of college and visited me on the other side of the world so I think they are pretty great. They are both single so of you are interested, let me know 😉


One thought on “Do’s and Don’t while visiting Thailand

  1. I’m interested! But hanging with Jen . Brought into the bar on our street! Got a. Deal. 100000000000. Hope u can make it through with out your buddy .

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